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Or just bring Mother 3 to America. Either way is fine.
great movie btw.

PinClock responds:

Thanks a bunch. And don't forget about M3's fan translation!


Great Flash. I remember playing FF3(ff6) but never finished it. I don't exactly know who Gogo is, but I've heard of him. This flash movie was very good, and could be better with voice actors. The animation is what got me to review this. It was so great and smooth like the hand gestures. The artwork looked like it took you awhile to get the key details of all the characters like Edgar and Locke. Overall, good job and keep it up.


Well done, my friend. I see you went with the anime feel to this flash. You were inspired by Alvin, which is great influence on this flash also, although I haven't watched any of the Super Mario Brothers Z. The music was superb. From DBZ to alot of orchestral themes gave this flash a huge push to awesomeness. AS for the in-depth of the flash, most episode 1 requires to learn about the plot and alot of talking, and this flash has exactly that, which most others do. Great job, and I can't wait for part 2.

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...Nice concept. I can't wait to get my USB cables and try this out. You're right about the PC not being as fun, but overall, I like it. I shouldn't be reviewing this yet, but until I get my USB cables for the Wii to use internet, I'll be on this game again.

Krahs responds:

The wii defintlly adds alot more to this game I think. I find my self playing my own game all the time on it! lol


Ah, this game brings me back memories, although it was different from the real game. It's not a bad thing, and I really like this. Good speed, it didn't lag up at all, and everything went smooth. Overall, good game.

Biscayne59 responds:

I really put some time and effort into this game, and I guess it payed off! Thanks for the good review!!!!!!!


The game was pretty addictive, and I spontaneously blew up. Good game. Hey, what was the FrameRate, it was really fast pace.

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Very epic I should say. I'm not sure, but the beginning of the song had that final boss feeling as opposed to the 1 minute mark. However, great song nonetheless. Unlike the other reviewers, I haven't played kingdom hearts, but the song kinda reminded me of Fire Emblem.

NemesisTheory responds:

probably the bit with the choirs, right? :)
i'm glad you liked it :)

btw: while I have played KH I haven't played Fire Emblem XD



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